Frequently Asked Questions

Air Travel

Whether you have flown a million times, or are taking your first flight, El Norteno Travel Agency can answer all your questions to ensure you have a pleasant experience traveling to your vacation destination. 

Whether you are flying domestically or internationally, you are required to have valid identification to board a plane. 

Domestic Flights: 

  • Valid ID (Flight ticket should have your name exactly as it is on your passport or government ID.)


International Flights:

  • Valid passport (Book format only)
  • Valid ID card
  • Personal permit to go internally in the country you are traveling to. (Permit requirements vary by country. El Norteno Travel Agency can direct you in obtaining the required permits to the country or countries you are traveling to, if necessary.)


Please note:

  • Flights are considered domestic when you are a citizen of the country you are flying in. (ie: If you live in the U.S. and are traveling from any airport in the US to anywhere in the same country.)
  • Regardless of where you travel to, your flight ticket should have your name exactly as it is on your passport of government ID.

Every airport and traveler is different. When traveling from a busy airport or terminal, it is important to arrive as early as possible. 

A rule of thumb, is to arrive at the airport at least 2-3 hours before your flight. This allows you to take into consideration luggage check-in, security check lines, and any other situations that may cause any delays. It is also important to plan ahead and ensure that you have proper and timely transportation to the airport. 

When checking in for your flight, it is important to do so on time and as early as possible.

Therefore, we recommend checking in with the following options:

  • Your airline will send a reminder via email or text to the cell phone number you gave when you made the flight reservation, usually they do it 1 day before your flight departs from the destination, in which you will find a link where you must give click to check in. Note: This is the best option to avoid any delays in your flight.
  • You must arrive at the airport with enough time to prevent your place from being sold to another person, since the airlines consider that you will not arrive if you have not checked in in advance as in option 1, try to arrive 3 hours before at the airport and immediately check in. Note: This option is not recommended because you could miss your flight.

Absolutely! Airlines have made it easier to travel with your furry loved one. Before booking flights, it is best to check the airlines’ pet policies to ensure you are prepared. Most airlines will allow smaller dogs to travel in the cabin with you, while allowing bigger pets to travel in the cargo area. 


When reserving your flight, you have the option to choose to check-in luggage or travel with carry-on items.

Everything will depend on the option you select in your flight reservation as well as the options that the airline you are traveling on  offers for luggage since every airline has it’s own policies. 

El Norteno Travel Agency

As a travel agency focused on providing you the best vacation and travel experience, we offer many services to give you peace of mind. We are available to assist you in every aspect of your travel arragements.

Of course! While it is not necessary to book all your travel options with us, we are able to offer you lower prices and better offers than the ones you may find on other travel sites.

You can visit the rest of our website to see what destinations we offer or you can also request a quote here. 

El Norteno Travel Agency is ready to assist you to plan the vacation of your dreams!

Please note: While we may be able to offer lower prices on hotels, tours, excursions and more, airlines manage their prices and therefore offer the same prices for everyone.

To better serve our clients, we offer various payment options to choose from. 

  • PayPal
  • Bank Tranfers (ACH)
  • Debit/Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American, Express, etc)
  • CashApp
  • Zelle


When booking your travel arrangements with one of our travel agents, we can discuss the best option for you and provide you additional information. 

El Norteno Travel Agency is a family-owned business. Our passion for travel gives us the opportunity to assist our clients and offer insight to vacation destinations, excursions or more. We have personally visited the majority of the destinations we offer, so we can provide first-hand information and answer questions you may have. 

Since we are a travel agency, our cancellation policies are dependent on the services you book with us, and the policies of the airlines, hotels, tour companies, etc. 

While making reservations, our team can give you information on our vendors’ cancellation policy.

Yes, we offer a variety of package deals to popular destinations in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Our packages typically include airfare, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation. However, we can also create custom packages to meet your specific needs.

Yes, we can help you plan a multi-city trip to any destination in the world. We will work with you to create an itinerary that includes all of the places you want to see and do, and we will book your flights, hotels, and activities for you.

Yes, we offer travel insurance through a variety of reputable providers. Travel insurance can protect you from unexpected events, such as lost luggage, flight cancellations, and medical emergencies.

Our services are typically free for clients. We earn a commission from the travel suppliers we book with, so you don’t pay any additional fees for our services.

To get started planning your trip, simply contact us by phone, email, or through our website. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you create an itinerary that meets your needs and budget.